Notice for HSC Staff

LearnHSCNI is now active.

For new HSC accounts: please contact your local L&D team for access to LearnHSCNI

Existing HSC users: Migration of courses is continuing throughout May and June 2023. Please check whether LearnHSCNI has the course you wish to complete FIRST to ensure your completion of training is captured. If it is not available on LearnHSCNI then return here with your login to complete what you need to here and your completion record will be transferred once the course becomes available on LearnHSCNI.

Notice for Non-HSC users

For users who were provisioned accounts under the following schemes:

  • PHA Carehomes
  • Education Authority Epilepsy
  • Southern GP Federation Support Unit
  • Down GP Federation
  • External applicants to CEC courses

then your access here is unaffected. Please continue to log in and complete your training here

Health and Social Care (NI) Learning Centre

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